“Hearing” In A Clickbait Age – Episode #25

Jesus said "Let him who has ears, let him hear!" In an age where social media dominates and we thrive off clickbait, I believe we need to learn to hear. We must move beyond clickbait headlines that sizzle, and seek out opportunities for hearing what someone else has to say.

A Canadian Christian Helps American Remove Speck From His Eye – Episode #24

A Canadian Christian sits down with an American Christian to talk about our cultural blindspots. We talk about the culture wars: nationalism, abortion, homosexuality/gay marriage, immigration, guns, and the role of the Church in politics.

Every Church Has Two Churches – Episode #23

No matter how big or how small, every church has two churches within her. There is an odd disconnect between the platform and the pew, and it's been this way for centuries, inspite of all our different church models. Today's podcast is all about asking some tough questions and starting a conversation. How can we bridge this gap? How can we become one church?