Christian Celebrity Culture – Episode #31

Joel Osteen and Kanye West

As Christians, we love anytime Christians become celebrities or celebrities become Christians. Kayne West's recent conversion is a lesson in this. Today's podcast explores the dangers associated with our Christian celebrity culture, and the alternative culture I believe we need to cultivate.

Bernie Sanders Is Trying To Resurrect Jimmy Hoffa – Episode #30

Jimmy Hoffa

Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren may dream of a time in which Jimmy Hoffa is resurrected from the dead. But are things really as bad as they say? Do we really need to overhaul our current system and replace it with a Democtractic Socialist utopia?

Embracing Fear And Overcoming Fear – Episode #28

Fearful eyes

‪I grew up a shy and sheltered homeschooler. I was afraid of a lot of things in my life. Those fears crippled me. But as I grew, I would eventually overcome my fears through faith, hope, and love. ‬Today’s podcast is all about embracing and overcoming fear.