A Dark Night Of The Soul

Jacob Wrestles With Angel

Like Jacob experienced in Genesis, I believe most of us will experience a "dark night of the soul" where we are forced to wrestle with God and come out broken. It's a night that will forever change us, just as it forever changed Jacob. But how do we ensure something of redemptive value comes out of that night?

The Cosmic Career Of A Bike Messenger: Bill Fehr – Episode #44

Bill Fehr Biking (Credit: Ben Premeaux)

Bill Fehr's career as a professional bike messenger is nothing short of unconventional. After a cosmic experience moved his soul, Bill left his career in corporate America, and took a path less traveled. In today's podcast, I interview Bill to talk about his unusual journey...

Save Our Senior Saints

Senior Saints

A church in Minnesota recently made the news for asking its' seniors to leave so as to make way for a younger church. I believe we need to do the opposite, and instead of treating seniors in the church as second class citizens, they need to be platformed as individuals who can share their wisdom and faith with the next generation of the church.