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ArchiveFebruary 2020

Echo Chamber

Leaving The Echo Chamber

We have this natural tendency to live in an echo chamber. We surround ourselves with those naturally like us, and dismiss the rest. I think it's time to leave the echo chamber...

American Flags

In Search Of A “Better Country”

This week has been very contentious in American Politics. Such got me to thinking though, are all our political frustrations by design? Is all this supposed to point us towards something more, and something better?


The Tyranny Of “Right Now”

Patience is a virtue. And the lack of patience has never been more evident to me than in the 2020 DNC Iowa Caucus. We hate to wait for anything, even important things, like the outcome of an election...

Arguing - Alexander Hamilton Pistol Duel

I Want To Argue Less (10 Tips) – Episode #45

Over the years I've been quite the argumentative type. While this was once a badge of honor to me, the longer I live the more I've begun to see this isn't a positive quality to have. Today's podcast is dedicated to better learning the art of...

Sweet Potato Hash For Breakfast Or Brunch!

Sweet Potato Hash For Breakfast Or Brunch

This sweet potato hash is the perfect dish for breakfast or brunch. Sweet, savory, spicy, and just full of flavor. It's a real crowd pleaser and will make your family or guests very happy. If you are really looking for something to warm you up on a...

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