Baby Steps (How To Change Your Life) ~ Episode #70

What About Bob (Baby Steps)

Do you want to change your life? And just exactly how do you change your life? Is it through dramatic decisions and New Years Resolutions, or, is it through small and gradual changes? Is it through powerful encounters with God and dramatic interventions? Or, is it through simple baby steps? In today's podcast, I talk about how we can bring about meaningful changes in our life...

Homeschooling vs. Virtual Learning (Education During A Pandemic) – Episode #69


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many parents are weighing the options when it comes to the upcoming 2020 school year. Should they send their kids to school? Or will they elect to have their child learning virtually? Or should they take their kids out of public school altogether, and homeschool them? How is a parent to do decide what is best for their child's education during a global pandemic? In today's podcast, I talk...

The Babylon Bee Published Another Headline I Pitched Them… Again


Walmart recently announced that they would require masks to be worn in all Walmart and Sam's Club stores nationwide. Inspired by the irony that a store that barely requires you to wear pants and a shirt is now going to require folks to wear masks... I couldn't help but pitch a headline idea over to the folks at the Babylon Bee. And, they liked it enough to publish my headline idea, for the second time this year!

Living An “Uncaged” Life ~ Episode #68


We love living life inside the box. It brings us comfort. And according to musician John Howey, this comfort becomes a cage that oppresses us. It's a life we need to be freed from. We need to become "uncaged." In today's podcast, I talk to John about the uncaged life, and his upcoming album.