Jimmy Humphrey


I’m Jimmy Humphrey.

I was born in the North but raised in the South by the grace of God. I like both ice hockey and iced tea.

I consider myself a life-long newlywed, armchair theologian, and dreamer of small things. I sometimes like taking pictures of my food.

Kung Fu Panda is my “spirit animal.”

Jake and Elwood Blues taught me everything I need to know about dancing.

My conscience sounds like a British preacher by the name of Leonard Ravenhill.

I am a graduate of Lee University and also attended Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. Originally intending to go into vocational ministry, God had other plans for my life, and turned me into a mortgage underwriter at a really big bank instead. I am heavily involved in the life and ministry of my church, at New City Church in Charlotte, North Carolina.

It is my hope that my blog and podcast stirs your faith, helps you in your life, brings understanding about our culture, and gives you something good to eat (both literally and figuratively.) I believe I bring a unique perspective to the table, enjoy the art of conversation, and am more likely to say something bombastic than carefully measured.

All opinions are my own, but I’m happy to let them be yours too. I find my own jokes funny, which is amazing considering I know the punchline before I even say it. So hopefully, we can have a good laugh along the way. And, if you don’t laugh… at least I probably will.

God bless,

Jimmy Humphrey

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