The following is a running list and brief description of all Jimmy’s Table podcast episodes. This podcast looks to have conversation about faith, life, culture, and sometimes food.

  • The Celebration Of Singleness Over Marriage- Episode #21 - Instead of looking down at singles and those delaying marriage, I believe we as the Church need to not only celebrate singleness, but we should promote it and encourage singleness. Instead of treating singles as defective lepers who have something wrong with them, we need to teach that singleness is an amazing gift that should be embraced.
  • Our Story: God Blessed The Broken Road – Episode #20 - My wife and I were previously engaged to multiple other people, before we ever met. Our love story is one of broken roads, which God ultimately redeemed, to help us find one another.
  • Why The Church Should NOT “Focus On The Family” ~ Episode #19 - Should the church "focus on the family" when it comes to her life and ministry? In today's podcast, I call this into question, and why our idolatry of the family unit is a threat to the gospel and the church.
  • Jesus And The Soccer Mom – Episode #18 - Josh Harris recently abandoning his faith after being a celebrity in Evangelical Christianity has created a major stir. I cannot help but wonder if it is not part of a major trend, and a symptom of a much deeper issue. Is our Evangelical house of faith built on a rock, or shifting sand?
  • The Good Old Days Never Existed ~ Episode #17 - There is nothing like "nostalgia" to help remind us of a world that never existed. The good old days may have been great, but they were not as great as we remember...
  • I’m Not An “Open Borders” Immigration Guy, BUT… – Episode #16 - I'm not an "open borders" guy when it comes to U.S. Immigration (although our founding fathers were!) but I do believe we should greatly relax our unnecessarily strict quotas, and allow for "free markets" to better decide how many people should be able to immigrate to the United States to work and to live.
  • Christmas In July (Saving Money) – Episode #15 - It might be 100 degrees outside, but July is the best time of year to start thinking about Christmas. No, not Christmas in July shopping events, rather, it is the best time of year to start saving for Christmas.
  • Christians, You Are Far Too American – Episode #14 - As Christians living in America, we love our nation. I worry though, that our love for America has gone too far. Art Katz used to say, "You are far too American."
  • Lucky To Be Broke – Episode #13 - I went through some very hard times when I was in my 20's. Financially, I was a mess. Most months I was lucky to be broke. In my latest podcast, I talk. openly about my trials, and how God was with me through them all...
  • Repentance Is Beautiful – Episode #12 - We often think "repentance" is a four letter word that accompanies a "Turn or burn!" style preaching. That's where we would be mistaken. Repentance is...

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