3 Keys To A Better Marriage (Valentine’s Day Bonus Podcast Episode)

3 Keys To A Better Marriage - Jimmy & Meagan

I realized after I published my most recent podcast this week that Valentine's Day was coming up, and I missed a great opportunity to put together a little something on the the issue of love and marriage. So, at the suggestion of my wife Meagan, I have decided to publish an extra "bonus episode" this … Continue reading 3 Keys To A Better Marriage (Valentine’s Day Bonus Podcast Episode)

Learn To Say “No” So That You Can Say “Yes”

Jim Carrey "Yes Man"

Do you find yourself falling through on your commitments to others? Are you frequently late? Do people no longer believe you when you promise to be there for them? I believe we need to learn to better "say no" so that we can truly "say yes" to the things that matter to us...

In Search Of “Greener” Pastures – Episode #39

Greener Pastures

A spirit of discontent often causes us to seek out "greener pastures" on the other side of the fence. This is really common at New Years. In my latest podcast, I look at Psalm 23, and show how the Lord helps us navigate all the comings and goings of life.

Embracing Fear And Overcoming Fear – Episode #28

Fearful eyes

‪I grew up a shy and sheltered homeschooler. I was afraid of a lot of things in my life. Those fears crippled me. But as I grew, I would eventually overcome my fears through faith, hope, and love. ‬Today’s podcast is all about embracing and overcoming fear.