Please Stay Out Of “Facebook Jail” – Episode #73

Facebook Jail

Have you ever ended up in "Facebook jail?" Or, have you noticed you have some friends and family that end up in this virtual slammer? Why is this? Is it because those who do such are simply truth tellers that the powers that be simply cannot handle? Is it a vast left wing conspiracy that Mark Zuckerberg and his powerful friends are engaged in, as they attempt to suppress your freedom of speech and wage war against the truth? In today's podcast, I talk about why people end up in Facebook jail., and how you can avoid it...

“Hearing” In A Clickbait Age – Episode #25

Jesus said "Let him who has ears, let him hear!" In an age where social media dominates and we thrive off clickbait, I believe we need to learn to hear. We must move beyond clickbait headlines that sizzle, and seek out opportunities for hearing what someone else has to say.