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Nobody Likes Joe Biden! (What This Says About Our Voting Philosophy) – Episode #157

Joe Biden Polls

Recent polling shows President Joe Biden now has abysmal political support.

The president who just received 81 million votes in the 2020 election, the most votes in the history of the United States, and had 51% of the popular vote, now has an abysmal 38.5% approval rating as of July 15th, 2022. Such is the lowest approval rating at this same time in the past century for any sitting president.

In his own party, 64% of Democrats say they would prefer to see someone else run for president in 2024. According to polls, Democrats say Joe Biden is too old to be president, and he’s simply done a bad job. And, an overwhelming number of people believe he’s done a bad job managing the economy.

Yet with all this said, in a theoretically rematch between Biden and Trump, polls still show Biden edging out Trump in a 2024 election.

What a wild bit of data to think about! How the mighty have fallen! One might ask, how did we get here?

In essence, nobody likes Joe Biden. And the truth is, nobody ever really did. Joe Biden has never been an inspiring political figure that cast a compelling vision for what America could be. He simply seemed like a safe bet. He wasn’t “the other guy.” People didn’t vote FOR Joe Biden, they simply voted “not the other guy.”

In essence President Biden won because he was viewed by the majority as “the lesser of two evils.” People voted in mass numbers for him, but only to prevent Trump from remaining in power.

And at the end of the day, this is what so much of our politics has been reduced to. It’s nothing but partisan politics for the sake of partisan politics. Our elected officials often lack concrete plans and visions. And ultimately, they don’t need to such plans . Because they know that you’ll vote for them just to avoid voting for the other guy. They come to power because you hate someone else more than them.

You can see this in why Biden, in spite of being so disliked by just about everyone, would still be projected to be re-elected in a rematch against Trump. People are doing nothing more than voting for their favorite color political jersey, and to prevent the guy they don’t like from winning.

They may not like the idiot they are voting for, “but at least he’s my idiot!” has become the prevailing voting philosophy of Americans. It’s nothing more than a raw clamoring for power for the sake of being in power. Because we love being in control even if the people we send to Washington do a terrible job once they get there.

As I’ve talked about in prior podcasts, this is no way to vote. Stop voting for your favorite color jersey! We live in a country with a REPRESENTATIVE form of government. Vote only for those politicians whose character, record, and policy ideas most resemble yours.

And, if none of them closely represent YOU, then don’t give any of them your vote. Vote only for those politicians you actually like! And if you don’t believe there’s anyone you can vote for without “holding your nose,” then simply don’t vote!

For there’s no better way to throw your vote away, and to ruin your country, than to vote for someone you don’t truly support.

And personally, even as a “Never Trumper” I could never bring myself to vote for Joe Biden in the last election. I certainly understand, President Trump had to be stopped, and I understand why Joe Biden received a record number of votes. But at the end of the day, I ultimately voted for myself, as I ultimately saw both candidates as terrible for America, and I couldn’t bring myself to waste my vote by voting for someone who didn’t truly represent me.

Unfortunately, a lot of my fellow Americans held their noses, and voted badly, because they ultimately lacked a voting ethic that’s in keeping with the system of government that we ultimately have. And until people become willing to break the mold, and vote FOR somebody that truly represents them, we’ll forever be stuck in this infinite loop of having abysmal presidents, like President Joe Biden.

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