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(One Tribe) From Every Tribe, Nation, And Tongue – Episode # 166

A large divided crowd

Churches have become increasingly divided over politics. Trump and Biden supporters no longer feel they can worship Jesus together. In this podcast, I talk about how our theology ought to challenge our increasingly politically polarized world.

Talking points:

  • “A great multitude from every tribe nation and tongue…” – Revelation 7:9
  • Political “Shibboleths” and the funny ways we talk (Judges 12)
  • We are increasingly tribalistic and want what’s comfortable.
  • Churches are reflecting our increasingly politically polarized world. Some are even using these political divisions as a “church growth” strategy, where they deliberately catering to and identifying with one political tribe over another.
  • As Christians, our confession isn’t whether you are a Republic or Democrat, or whether you voted Trump over Biden. Rather, our confession is that “Jesus Christ is Lord, and that God raised Him from the dead.”
  • As a result of the Holy Spirit that’s been given to all who believe, we can pursue the bonds of peace and to gather together in love.
  • The more we grow as Christians, the more we should embrace a “politically homeless” mindset.

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