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Spending The Holidays Alone During The Pandemic (9 Tips) – Episode #87

Elvis Blue Christmas

The pandemic of 2020 is forcing a lot of people to spend the holidays alone. And that sucks. For some, this is the result of government decree, and for others, by personal choice. Whatever the case, nobody wants to spend the holidays alone. Nobody wants to have a “Blue Christmas.”

In today’s podcast, I talk about how we can better celebrate the holidays alone, and provide some simple tips for making us all feel together even if we are forced to be apart.

1. Be A Giver

If you are alone, find a way to do something for someone else. Jesus said it’s more blessed to give than receive, so look for tangible ways you can give something to someone else.

2. Eat A Virtual Meal Together

Corey, a follower of the podcast, recommends that if you can’t be together physically, be together virtually, or at least over the phone. Don’t be afraid to setup a video conference at your kitchen table and eat with your loved ones remotely.

3. Special Cards

Shelly, a follower of the podcast, recommends sending someone a card in the mail with 3 reasons you are thankful for them. That might be kinda old school, but I like that. There’s something special about getting a card in the mail that just doesn’t compare to a text message.

4. Try A New Recipe

Use this holiday season as an opportunity to experiment with a new holiday recipe! If you want to put bacon on your yams, put bacon on your yams! Try a recipe you’ve long thought about trying, or swap recipes with a friend. And if your food experiment works out, maybe you can redeem 2020 during the holidays season of 2021 by cooking this year’s special recipe!

Here’s my contribution to your holiday eats: Pimento Cheese Deviled Eggs with Bacon (Southern Style)

5. Send A Care Package

Send someone you know a care package with lots of food stuff. If necessary, buy some Dry Ice packets that will keep food cooler for longer, and ship them in a special styrofoam container. It might be a little pricey, but, it can really make things a lot more special.

6. Sing and Dance– Hold Nothing Back

Sing and dance, even by yourself. Do you sing in the shower? This helps lift your spirits, right? If you are alone, sing and dance with all your might. Sing and dance to God. Sing and dance for your own amusement. Channel your inner Blues Brother and hold nothing back.

7. Join the “Jelly Of Month” Club (Or Something Like It)

Gift yourself a subscription service that will send you something random, be it coffee, meat, cheese, or some sort of foreign food. That way you can experience a sense of “surprise” when some random food shows up at your house. My wife and I already do this with a “cheese of the month club” at our favorite local cheese shop. It always makes us excited. So pick something you think you would like, and subscribe

8. Watch All The Movies You’ve Missed Out On

Watch that movie franchise you’ve always wanted to watch but just haven’t had the chance. Now is the chance to watch all the Lord Of The Rings trilogy. Or all 8 Harry Potter movies. Or all 6 Die Hard movies. Whatever it is, seize the opportunity to deep dive into movies you’ve long wanted to watch.

9. Create Something

Try creating something even if you aren’t very creative or artistic. We are all created in the image and likeness of God. And just as God created the world and all therin, and it brought joy to Him, go and do likewise. Be like God and create something and see if it doesn’t bring some sort of delight to you. Go to the art store, buy some paints, and see what you can spread on a canvas. Try painting something Bob Ross would paint.

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