“Liberty vs. Collectivist” Responses To COVID-19 In America & Canada – Episode #54

Canada vs America

COVID-19 highlights the tensions we have about our individual "civil liberties" and our "collective" duties as citizens. In today's podcast I talk with a Canadian friend as we compare and contrast America and Canada's responses to the coronavirus, and how our respective national DNA shapes the responses of our respective countries, and the tensions that exist in both nations.

“Hunkering Down” Is Not Sustainable


"Hunkering down" and practicing social distancing might be the new normal in the fight against coronavirus. But for how long will American's be willing to embrace such a way of life? As we see our economy coming to a grinding halt, I believe we'll feel compelled to make some tough decisions...

The Celebration Of Singleness Over Marriage- Episode #21

Instead of looking down at singles and those delaying marriage, I believe we as the Church need to not only celebrate singleness, but we should promote it and encourage singleness. Instead of treating singles as defective lepers who have something wrong with them, we need to teach that singleness is an amazing gift that should be embraced.