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“Liberty vs. Collectivist” Responses To COVID-19 In America & Canada – Episode #54

Canada vs America

In today’s podcast, I talk with my Canadian friend John Howey about Canada’s response to COVID-19 and compare that to America’s response to the coronavirus. We talk about the core differences between the two countries underlying political philosophies, our national DNA, and how this shapes our response to the COVID-19 crisis.

Liberty Vs. Collectivist Responses To COVID-19

Specifically, we talk about Americans natural suspicion of government, with our “give me liberty or give me death!” approach to life, and how Canadians have a much more natural “collectivist” approach to life and government. We also consider our population density. America tends to be much more densely populated and urban, whereas Canada is more spread out and rural. How is this shaping our national response to the coronavirus?

John and I also talk about the tensions that exist as we attempt to strike a balance between our “civil liberties,” and our “national duties” as citizens. To what degree should the government shut down individual businesses and order people to stay home? Who should stay home and who should we consider to have an “essential” job in society? And to what degree should the the government support and bailout individuals and businesses.

Is Coronavirus A Regular Part Of Life Now?

Also, at what point should we put on our “coronavirus seatbelts” and take the risk of trying to carry on with life as we normally would? Does COVID-19 simply become one of many other risks we will just have to accept as a normal part of life?

We also talk about the possibility for political revolution and power grabs that exist because of the crisis coronavirus is creating, especially as America heads into an election season. How long will Americans tolerate being ordered to stay home before people get the itch to rebel against what will be seen as a tyrannical government? Or should we forgo our individual civil liberties and simply think about the collective?

Special Guest: John Howey

John Howey - The Wax Museum & ADD Masterminds
John Howey – The Wax Museum & ADD Masterminds

John Howey is a Christian living in Calgary, Alberta Canada.

He is a podcaster, social media influencer, thinker, musician and songwriter who strives to build bridges between the sacred and the secular, the left and the right, and the practical and the abstract. For a living John is a “industrial hygienist.”

I believe John brings an amazing perspective to the world. He’s always looking to engage in conversations that need to be had.

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