That Time I Was Laid Off From Work (And Tips For Handling Job Loss) ~ Episode #84

Layoff Notice

This past week at work, a lot of people were laid off and lost their job. I wasn't among them in this round of layoffs. But I once was, and there is the very real possibility I could be laid off in the future. In this week's podcast, I talk about the inevitability of job loss, how we can prepare for it, and how we can handle it once we find ourselves out of work.

The Cosmic Career Of A Bike Messenger: Bill Fehr – Episode #44

Bill Fehr Biking (Credit: Ben Premeaux)

Bill Fehr's career as a professional bike messenger is nothing short of unconventional. After a cosmic experience moved his soul, Bill left his career in corporate America, and took a path less traveled. In today's podcast, I interview Bill to talk about his unusual journey...