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Do You Feel Stuck? – Episode #147

Winnie the Pooh Stuck

Do you ever have a sense that in your journey through life, that you are going somewhere, but you are currently suspended in limbo? Or, are you trying to accomplish some goals, but it feels like you are getting nowhere fast? Maybe you are ready to take the next step, but before you can do so, you have to wait for something else to happen?

It’s easy to feel like we aren’t making any forward progress in life. Sometimes, we just feel “stuck.”

I liken these scenarios unto a long car trip I used to take as a kid, when we’d drive from Charlotte to Chicago. This was before the advent of DVD players and iPads. It was a time where, when taking a 11 hour car ride as a kid, you really had to put a lot of effort in to entertain yourself. Otherwise, you would become stir crazy and bored, and life could be pretty miserable not only for you, but for your parents.

“Are we there yet?” is something I’m sure I asked my parents quite a bit on such trips. Especially when we had to drive through the super boring state of Indiana, where the roads are long, straight, flat, and there’s not much to view.

In today’s podcast, I talk about handling those moments in life where we just feel “stuck,” and what we need in order to successfully navigate these scenarios in life.

Simply put, we have need of endurance, and we need hope.

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