The “New Normal” That The Coronavirus Will Usher In – Episode #51

New Normal - Coronavirus

Recently I talked to someone who was upset over how the coronavirus pandemic will negatively impact their Spring Break plans. I was beside myself at the thought. In light of all that is transpiring in the world, how can anyone possibly talk about Spring Break? I felt like I was talking to a person who doesn't understand the gravity of the situation we are facing. I believe in a month's time, questions about such things simply will be irrelevant. This event will likely transform the world...

My Headline Was Published By The Babylon Bee

Bernie Sanders

Recently Bernie Sanders has taken some flack in the media for a 60 Minute interview in which he praised Cuban communist dicator Fidel Castro for his literacy program. Sanders then defended this during a recent presidential debate. Inspired by this, I pitched a headline to the Babylon Bee...

Art Frees People From Their Cages (BEING An Artist) – Episode #47

Art Frees Us From Cages

What is art? Art is the "unique flavor" that we bring to this world that helps free people from the cages they live in. In today's podcast, I talk to musician John Howey about the nature of art, its place in our culture, and in the church.

Turning Our Hunger For Power Upside Down – Episode #46

Lord Of The Rings - Power

"Power" is about the ability to exercise your will over others without restraint. Sometimes this is through brute force, but other times, it comes by climbing certain social hierarchies, whether it be in academics, business, politics, or religion. I believe Jesus has called us to flip our power dynamics upside down...

Eat The Rich: Jeff Bezos Criticized Over “Small” Donation

Jeff Bezos

Many are upset at Jeff Bezos for his "small" donation to the wildfire relief in Australia. They think his lack of charity shows him to be nothing more than an evil greedy capitalist. In truth, I think Jeff Bezos is no different than every man, looking out for his own self-interest.