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“Fiber Optic” Preachers – Episode #135

It was recently reported in Christianity Today that The Potter’s House Denver, a remote satellite campus of Pentecostal preacher T.D. Jakes ministry based out of Dallas, will sell their Denver church’s property and continue to worship exclusively online.

The Potter’s House Denver church location had over 10,000 weekly worshipers, but have decided that it would be more economical to liquidate the church’s 32-acre property containing a 137,000 sq. ft. building, and simply switch to an online presence only in Denver. It’s online platform receives over 300,000 views per week.

This big announcement is an example of what’s happening on a much larger level across America, as the church continues to rethink models of ministry, especially in regard to how it ministers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This situation got me to thinking, what does the closing of the Potters House Denver location say about the way we think about and do church?

Is church just nothing more than a platform we build for a single charismatic preacher like T.D. Jakes and the musical performance we put on?

Is a church just a building in which a fiber optic connection is plugged into that allows us to watch our favorite preacher perform miracles for our amusement?

Or is the church something else altogether?

In this podcast episode, I use the closing of T.D. Jakes church in Denver as a chance to ask questions about platforms, preachers, ministries, and how we conceptualize what the church ought to be.

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