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The Church That Eats Together – Episode #174

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A lot of churches are popular for their “worship experiences,” that is, these highly produced religious performances and spectacles on Sunday mornings. Great worship music and great preaching are their trade. But how many of these churches are known for their legendary potlucks?

In today’s podcast, I look at Acts 2:42 where it says , ““They were continually devoting themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread, and to prayer.” This wasn’t by accident. This was on purpose.

Central to the New Testament experience of church, was not only a time devoted to the messages that that the apostles were preaching, but to sharing a common meal together. And by a common meal, I don’t mean that lunchable sized snack pack that a lot of churches preside over. I mean the deeply personal experience of actually sitting down at a table together, and the breaking of bread.

As the church, we’ve majored in the super star preachers that can pack auditoriums and to give people their quick religious fix on a Sunday morning. But the deeper religious experience in which Jesus becomes present is ultimately to be found over a commonly shared meal together.

Be sure to listen to today’s podcast as I talk further about the idea of a church that eats together being crucial to the life and ministry of that church, and God’s ultimate means of changing the world.

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