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3 Life Lessons From My Broken Leg – Episode #27

This past week, I broke my leg. Specifically, I broke the tibia bone just below my knee. As a result of breaking my leg, I am now going to require surgery in the near future, and will be forced to take short term disability at work, will not be able to participate in youth ministry at church, and will pretty much have to scale back everything in my life. As a result, I have learned a few important life lessons.

In today’s podcast, I would like to share 3 life lessons I have learned as a result of breaking my leg this week. Please listen to todays show to hear me disucss more fully the following 3 lessons:

  1. Embrace a slower pace in life – Learn to slow down and not be so busy all the time. Embrace the present. Life will pass you by before you have the time to see where it went.
  2. Know your limits and embrace them – You might belive the lie your 4th grade teacher told you that you can do whatever you set your mind to. The fact is, thats not true. We need to embrace our limitations so we can truly focus on the things we are good at.
  3. We need community… and badly! – Since breaking my leg this past week, I’ve become keenly aware on how much I am truly dependant on others in my life. I cannot imagine having to deal with my broken leg alone. Thankfully, I have awesome support from a lot of people who love me and can care for me in very tangible ways.

Thank you all for your prayers while I focus on recovering from my broken leg over the next couple of months. Since I will be resting a lot in the near future, I will be readily available on Facebook and Twitter if you wish to reach out to me and interact.

And yes… the picture in the x-ray above is my broken leg.

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