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Embracing Fear And Overcoming Fear – Episode #28

Fearful eyes

Fear is a an enemy we will all battle many times in our life. Often, fear attempts to creep into our smallest of daily decisions, and can hit us hard at major crossroads in our lives. I believe we will never be totally free from fear, but we can overcome our fears.

Fear will often hit us in many different ways. Fear causes us to worry about being rejected by others, issues surrounding our personal finances, navigating a career path, romantic relationships, our kids, our health, the outcome of elections, and virtually every other thing under the sun.

Fear will cause us to lose sleep at night as we toss and turn over the things to come. It has the ability to cripple us. It’ll attack us from the past, present, and future.

Embracing The Good Kind Of Fears

Not all fear is bad. Some fear is good.

Fear makes us realize there are very real dangers in the world. Things won’t always work out as we plan, and as a result fear can inspire us to seek advice from others, and causes us to weigh out the best of many options in life. In general, fear can be a healthy tool to help us make the wisest decisions possible. 

For example, fear of a lifetime of financial difficulties and ruin will cause wise individuals to be selective about their possible academic and career paths. Fear will inspire the wisdom to keep young people from getting a $100,000 in student loans for a fine arts degree from a college with a low reputation. 

Fear or losing life and limb will result in individuals taking some basic safety precautions when hanging Christmas lights, driving a car, or going camping deep in the woods.

We need to embrace these type of fears. I believe such fears are not only natural, but a gift from God.

The Bad Fears We Need To Overcome

Where fear becomes bad is when fear makes us always take the easiest and safest route possible.

Fear becomes problematic and bad when fear cripples our ability to make a decisive and bold actions, blinds us to reality, and makes all possible outcomes look singularly bad.

I don’t believe such fears are merely natural or a gift from God, but are possibly even demonic, and need to be conquered and overcome.

3 Ways to Overcome Fear

In today’s podcast, I talk about 3 things we need to overcome and conquer our fears. I share some of my personal struggles, as one who grew up a shy and sheltered homeschooler, often crippled with fears.

Please be sure to listen to the above podcast at the top of the page for a further breakdown of the following things we need to overcome our fears.

1) Faith 

In life we seldom go at it alone. We are reliant on others in many different ways. We count on people to pull their weight, do their part, and ultimately follow through on their commitments to us.

The same goes with God. 

As a result, we must be willing to believe and trust in God and others. To do this we must cultivate a relationship with both God and man, learn their character, and trust that they’ll do what they’ve promised.

2) Hope

Hope is more than just wishful thinking about the future. It’s more than just being an eternal optimist. It’s more than the Joel Osteen “fake it ‘till you make it” sorta routine. Of course, hope can look like these things at times. And in general one’s life will be better if you keep a positive “glass half full” outlook.

But sometimes life gets really dark, and you are gonna need something more than a sunny disposition to get you through the day. 

You are going to need to hope on something firm about the future, and march towards that.

3) Love

The Bible says perfect love casts out all fear.  

We need to better love others and love God. Our fears can often arise because we are failing to love God or love others as we ought. Especially when we turn others into our enemies because of our fears, and see them as inhuman monsters that are nothing but hell bent on our destruction.

I wonder how many of our fears would disappear if we began seeing the best in others and giving them in the benefit of the doubt instead of always seeing the worst in them. 
What impact would this have on our biases and prejudices toward others? Of people we hardly know? Of politicians? Of people of different ethnicities and nationalities? Of people of different social standings? 

We need that radical love of Jesus to drive out that fear. We need a love that causes us to love others with the same capacity as Jesus, a sacrificial sort of love that is willing to risk it all for the betterment of others.

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