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Bold Faith For Scary Times (Like The Coronavirus Outbreak) – Episode #50

Bold Faith For Scary Times - Coronavirus

The recent coronavirus outbreak is starting to make a lot of people afraid. And while I personally think the fears around the coronavirus are bigger than they should be, I could ultimately be wrong in my assessment. Either way, no matter your perspective on the matter, I believe the scary times we are living in make it necessary for us to have a bold faith.

Our faith shouldn’t just be an empty confessional faith. It must be more than a faith that merely agrees to certain doctrines. In Habakkuk 2:4, we are told “The just shall live by faith.” And James 2:26 tells us that “Faith without works is dead.” As Christians, our faith isn’t supposed be a mere mental assent of items on a checklist that we agree to. Rather, our faith should be something that works its way out into our daily lives.

As Christians, we live by faith.

Facing the very real threat that the coronavirus outbreak could morph into, I think these times require us to have a boldness in our faith that invades the everyday aspect of our lives. Especially as we may be called out to be calm voices in a world that goes insane, and to provide relief and perform acts of mercy to those in need.

If we believe Jesus Christ is Lord and that God raised Him from the dead, how can we be anything but bold and courageous in a world full of fear? Death doesn’t have the final answer, Jesus Christ does! So, let us summon all the love and courage that we need to fight whatever battles the future may hold.

In today’s podcast, I talk about this living faith that the Bible calls us to have. A faith that is at work in this world, and a faith that is able to respond to things like the coronavirus outbreak. I also share some very practical ideas that folks on Twitter shared with me on ways we can address coronavirus outbreaks should it hit our community.

To hear more, be sure to listen to today’s podcast above. And if you have any practical tips, feel free to share them below, or on my Facebook or Twitter page.

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