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Blind Faith

An Uncertain Faith – Episode #148

Christianity has become really good at reducing the mystery of faith to magical formulas of mathematical exactitude. But, in trying to make everything so certain, we might just be destroying the faith we claim to ultimately believe in and preach. In...

Beth Moore

I Am Not A Denomination – Episode #101

Beth Moore recently announced her departure from the Southern Baptist Convention. There has been no shortage of controversy around this, and many warring factions in and outside the denomination have exchanged blows. This controversy has me thinking...


Fire In My Bones

The prophet Jeremiah talked about preaching like it was "fire in my bones." He spoke as a man with a burden. My question is, have we lost this burden in our preaching today? And if so, how do we regain it?


We Need Less Sermons

Thanks to technology, we have access to more books, sermons, and teaching than ever. But for all this information, I believe something more is needed in Christianity than another sermon...

My YouTube Channel

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I have launched a new YouTube channel to supplement the blog and podcast of JImmysTable.com. Be sure to check out my latest channel where I'm still having conversations about faith, life, culture, and sometimes food.

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