God Isn’t A Killjoy

No Fun

To hear some people talk about God, believers and unbelievers alike, God is the ultimate source of non-fun. God is seen as a "buzz kill" or "killjoy." I believe the opposite. I believe God is the source of all things beautiful and good and joyous.

Be Bigger Than A “Brand“

Guy Fieri

There is a lot of peril that comes with "branding" yourself, your company, or your ministry in a certain fashion. It can lead to making ourselves commodities that can be bought, sold, re-designed, or put out of business. it can even lead to putting ourselves in compromising positions...

Stop Crying Over Cursive

Cursive Handwriting

I hate cursive. Yet, I find there is still a large minority who love it, and insist on everyone else learn it, like the do in Texas. But I believe cursive is an ancient form of communication that will soon go the way of cuneiform.

How To Love Jesus More

Good Samaritan

Bible reading, prayer, and going to church more. These spiritual disciplines are the things it is said we normally need to do in order to grow in our love for God. But what if something else is needed? How can we better grow in our love for God? I believe the key is in loving and serving others.