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In Search Of A “Better Country”

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This week has been pretty exciting in the world of U.S. politics. Confusion reigned in the DNC Iowa Caucus as elected officials tried to determine how many people voted for each candidate. Last night a lot of drama accompanied the President and his annual State of the Union speech. And today, the Senate acquitted Donald Trump in his impeachment trial.

In the midst of all this, many millions of Americans have had their passions stirred. The rhetoric on both sides of the political divide has been ratcheted up. There has been a great deal of anger expressed as our citizenry vocalizes their frustrations. And all of this is happening as we are heading into the heart of the next election cycle.

Oh, the joys that are to come! But such got me thinking, why’s all this happening?

Frustrating By Design

No matter your political persuasion, I believe we all desire a more perfect union, and a better country. Otherwise, we probably would not feel the frustrations that we do when things don’t work out as we dream. We all sincerely want things to be better than they are now.

But things don’t just magically workout overnight. We experience a lot of gridlock that makes things downright frustrating. We’d rather just get our way instantly every time. But we don’t live in such a world. And I believe this to be by design. Not only the design of our nations’ founding fathers who deliberately designed our form of government to be one governed by cantankerous friction, but I believe this to be by divine design as well.

I believe God wants us to feel the frustrations of our broken political systems so that we would ultimately turn towards Him. For all our advancements as a nation, I believe God wants us to realize that we are caught up in an endless cycle that promises us something that the world cannot ultimately deliver. He wants us to be like the fathers of our faith who left their respective countries to look for “a better country,” that is “a heavenly one,” whose “architect and builder is God.” (Hebrews 11:8-16).

A Shift In Attitude

By saying this I don’t imagine some sort of religious escapism that causes us to not work hard to make a tangible difference in this world.

On the contrary, as Christians we pray “thy kingdom come… on earth as it is in heaven.” We believe that Jesus Christ is King of kings, and Lord of lords, and that ultimately, all authority has been given to Him both on heaven and earth. As Christians we make the ultimate political statement in confessing that Jesus Christ is Lord, and that He is Lord of all.

As a result, our mindset should change in the way we navigate our present political climate. The bitter partisan attitudes that dominate us in our “us vs. them” and “left vs. right” political divide is an attitude that should be entirely foreign to us as Christians.

We should be free from the mental and emotional slavery of our current political systems that gets us bent out of shape, and sharply divides men into tribes and parties. As Christians, we should have no loyalty to any political party or leader. We cannot afford to be a political hack for anyone.

For we have one leader, and that is Jesus Christ. We belong to one tribe and one party, and that is the kingdom of God. Together we are looking for a better country whose architect and founder is God. And at the end of the day, that country isn’t America. God has promised us something better.

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