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I’m Ignoring The Campy Political Drama

Batman & Robin - Campy Political Drama

The Batman my father grew up on in the 1960’s with Adam West could be classified as some of the most “campy” entertainment ever produced. According to Urban Dictionary, we call something “campy” because it is “Over the top and farcical, intentionally exaggerated so as not to be taken seriously.” Who can forget all the “pows” and “whacks” that Batman and Robin delivered upon evildoers everywhere? I sure can’t.

Political Campiness

I think most political theatre can be classified in this manner. This week, Nancy Pelosi tearing up President Trump’s State of the Union Speech was a pretty over the top gesture. It was so over the top that I find it hard to believe anyone is taking it seriously, or has been angered by such a gesture.

Here’s a clip of the video, in case you didn’t already see it:

Yet here we are almost a week later, and people are still talking about the rip heard around the world. All week, my Facebook and Twitter feeds have blown up talking about this. The talk/radio show circuit has been crazy. And here I am, finding the need to talk about it myself.


I’m not upset at Nancy Pelosi for tearing up Donald Trump’s speech. I’m more upset over the fact that people are finding themselves moved over the entire situation. Pelosi tearing up Trump’s State of the Union Speech is so over the top, I just don’t see how anyone can take it seriously. Cheering the gesture or getting upset over it… I just don’t get it. How? How can one be moved by such a thing?

Being emotionally moved by Nancy Pelosi’s gesture at the State of the Union is like being out of sorts after an episode of Adam West’s Batman ending on a cliffhanger. It just doesn’t make sense. Tune in again next week folks, same bat-time, same bat-channel, and you’ll likely find another campy scenario like this playing out.

It’s All About Power

Please dear people, don’t be moved by these things when they happen. These types of gestures are optical games that politicians play to create buzz, provoke outrage, solicit donations, and take away power from you so that they can gain power for themselves.

This had nothing to do with right or wrong, respect, or proper decorum. It was all one little power grab.

If you got sucked into all the drama, I just want you to know that you’ve been victimized, both by the left and the right. The emotional response that was provoked in you only existed to further move you into said politicians political camp. Both sides are just attempting to capitalize off this event so that folks like Nancy Pelosi and Donald Trump could make themselves more powerful.

So I would encourage you, don’t give them such power. But the only way you can avoid that is by wilfully looking away from such melodramatic political theater. Don’t get sucked into the outrage. Save your anger for the things that really matter. This isn’t one of them, just in case you didn’t know.

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