How to “Defend” Your Christian Faith – Episode #6

We live in age of religious skepticism. More and more people have their doubts about the existence of God and the claims of Christianity. As Christians, we need to be ready to offer a defense (apologia) for our faith, and to provide the world with a reasonable philosophical and historical defense of our faith. Learn more about how you can defend your Christian faith, and explain why we as Christians believe what we believe...

I Don’t Love Like I Should – Episode #5

Jesus taught us to love others extravagantly, like He did. After a recent retreat and funeral, I've come to realize I don't love others as fully as Christ taught us. In today’s podcast, I talk about my struggles, outline reasons why I believe our capacity to love is often limited, and what practical steps we can do to grow in our ability to love others as Christ taught.

To Hell with the Rich! – Episode #3

As Christians in America, we feel pretty cozy with the idea of wealth and prosperity. So much so that we've created a "prosperity gospel" in which we declare that Jesus not only wants us make us wealthy, but that He wants us to pursue wealth and all the material blessings of our society. In my latest podcast, I contrast this idea with a sermon that protestant reformer John Calvin once gave on the 8th commandment, in which he openly decries the pursuit of wealth, and how his sermon takes us back to a time in which serious minded Christians challenged the notion that Jesus encouraged us to become wealthy and to pursue wealth.