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My wife Meagan and I recently started a food video channel. I invite you to follow our culinary journeys over on YouTube. Our channel is called “Jimmy & Meagan’s Kitchen.”

Jimmy & Meagan’s Kitchen is a monthly food channel where we share instructional videos on how to cook our favorite foods to eat! We love to cook, to grill, to smoke BBQ, and to bake a wide range of food. And best of all, we love to cook together!

Our tastes are classic American dishes, southern comfort food, Italian, and so much more! We try to keep everything simple, but use good techniques that really help take home cooking to the next level. We cook with passion and a definite perspective. I hope you enjoy what we’ve put together as much as we love to eat!

Homemade Beer Battered Onion Rings Homemade Beer Battered Onion Rings! (Deep Fried) - There are probably few things more comforting and delicious than beer battered onion rings. I don't make them often, but when I do, I go big or go home. Frozen onion rings from the grocery store are okay, but they really don't do much to tickle my inner or outer fat kid. So when I get a hankering for onion rings, I hold nothing back, and make these awesome beer battered onion rings.
Reverse Sear Ribeye Steak How-To “Reverse Sear” A Ribeye Steak (In Oven & Cast Iron Skillet) - Learn how-to make a reverse sear ribeye steak in your oven with a cast iron skillet! The reverse sear method allows for the fat to slowly break down, and cooking in cast iron allows for the best crust formation!
Sweet Potato Hash For Breakfast Or Brunch! Sweet Potato Hash For Breakfast Or Brunch - This sweet potato hash is the perfect dish for breakfast or brunch. Sweet, savory, spicy, and just full of flavor. It's a real crowd pleaser and will make your family or guests very happy. If you are really looking for something to warm you up on a cool Fall or Winter morning, and to have something that really sticks to your ribs for the rest of the day, this sweet potato hash is the meal for you.
Burger Making Better Burgers - There are two key things to making the best burgers possible. The first is grinding your own meat, the second is cooking on cast iron instead of a grill!
Lemonade Lemonade From My Childhood Lemonade Stand - If you really want to make some epic lemonade this summer, check out this lemonade recipe that's been in my family for decades. It all started with my childhood lemonade stand...
Hawaiian Chicken Sandwich with Grilled Pineapple (Yummy) - If you are looking for a simple to make, yet delicious chicken sandwich that tastes like summer, look no further. My Hawaiian chicken and pineapple sandwich is great to grill at your next cookout, or a quick and easy weeknight dinner...
How to Make the “Best” Steak Ever - After 10 years of trial and error, I've learned how to simply make the best steaks ever. Follow these simple tips and you can make them too...
Best burger ever How to Make the “Best” Burger Ever - If you wanna kick your burger game up a notch, follow these 3 tips on how to make the best burger ever...
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