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I Am A Christian (That Goes To Therapy)! – Episode #146


There is often a stigma in Evangelical Christian circles associated with going to therapy. And this is a stigma I understand well, as I have always been kinda skeptical and cynical about psychotherapy. I took enough classes in college about psychology to scoff at the entire practice.

But, that all changed recently. Finding myself going through the process of divorce and grieving the loss of my marriage, I found myself getting mentally and emotionally stuck, and experiencing a lot of pain. The Lord, the church, friends, and family have all been instrumental in my healing, and I wouldn’t be where I am today without them. Yet for all their help, I found myself feeling like I needed something more.

After consulting with some pastors at church and some close friends, I decided to start seeing a psychologist and going to weekly therapy sessions, in addition to joining a “Divorce Care” support group at a local church.

Ever since doing this, my previously cynical and skeptical attitude that I had about therapy has changed. And, I now consider myself an advocate for the importance that therapy can play in the process of journeying through grief, and good mental health.

In this podcast, I share more about why I sought out professional counseling, the process I’ve undergone in therapy, and how it’s personally helped me through my divorce. And I share about how I’ve processed this all as an Evangelical Christian, who previously had a dismissive attitude about therapy and support groups.

Hopefully this podcast will help you or a loved one seek out help. I currently have weekly online therapy through BetterHelp.com. They are not a paid sponsor of this podcast, but just a source I’ve personally benefited greatly from.

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