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“I Can’t See My Son Because Of COVID-19” ~ Episode #55

Greg Humphrey - Coronavirus

We are all very aware of how the coronavirus pandemic is impacting the world biologically, economically, and politically. But an equally important story is how COVID-19 is impacting our personal relationships, especially for those who have customer-facing “essential jobs.”

In today’s podcast, I sit down to talk to my cousin, Greg Humphrey, who talks about how the coronavirus is impacting his job, and puts him at a “higher risk” of contracting COVID-19. And because of the high risk nature of Greg’s work, this puts his son at risk of contracting the virus. As a result, Greg and his ex-wife have mutually decided that Greg should not see his 7 year old son until this crisis has passed.

I believe stories like Greg’s are important to tell, and we should consider the way we are handling the coronavirus pandemic is impacting us in our humanity. We also talk about how the coronavirus is isolating a lot of people, especially those who are single, or vulnerable individuals among the elderly.

Greg and I also talk about how living increasingly isolated lives will potentially push society to a “cracking point” if we are unable to resume some sense of “normal.” We talk about how our values as Americans will probably not tolerate the government shutting society down for very long. When will “enough be enough” for us as a people?

Please listen to the podcast above. If you’ve been blessed by this podcast, please be sure to share with others, and if you wish, leave comments below (or on social media) about how COVID-19 is impacting you and your personal relationships.

About My Special Guest: Greg Humphrey

Greg Humphrey

Greg is from Racine, Wisconsin, and works as a CNC machine operator, and also moonlights as a pizza delivery guy once or twice a week. Because of the coronavirus, Greg was recently temporarily laid off from his job as a CNC machinist. And because of his high risk job in food service delivering pizza, Greg has come on the podcast today to tell his story about why his job prevents him from seeing his son. Greg is also one of many, many cousins that I have, as our fathers come from a family of 13 children.

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