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I Could Have Died This Week – Episode #34

Moravian Cemetery

Due to complications from my recently broken leg and being immobilized for a long period of time, this week I suffered a sudden an unexpected blod clot in my lung, also known as a “pulmonary embolism.” I almost died as a result, at the ripe old age of 37 years old.

Thankfully, I listened to my body and knew something was deeply wrong, and was able to seek out emergency treatment at the hospital, where I stayed for the past week, receiving treatment and being nursed back to life.

In this week’s rather unexpected and entirely unscripted podcast, I talk about the following issues regarding my brusth with death:

  • How my pulmonary embolism formed, and how I knew something was wrong and that I needed immediate medical treatment.
  • My experience in the emergency room, how the doctors diagnosed my pulmonary embloism.
  • My own experience of the suddenness of the situation, and the dazed and confused state that overtook me as I faced death.
  • How I grappled with the conscious fact that I might possibly die very suddenly. and unexpectedly, without having accomplished everything I want to with this life.
  • How I fought the fear of death, and found comfort and hope in my faith in Jesus Christ, and the promise of the gospel regarding the resurrection of the dead.
  • The nature of death. Do we just black out like dogs forever? Or do we go onto something more?
  • How the gospel isn’t just for this life, or the life to come, but for all of life, present and future.
  • How we can better foster a culture of life.

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