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Marriage Is Stupidly Easy – Episode #2

Our culture regularly says “Marriage is hard!” And in light of all the good marriages we’ve all known to turn bad, it’s not hard to see why so many people feel this way. But in spite of the many challenges marriage may face, I don’t adhere to this popular creed our society believes regarding marriage. In fact, I believe marriage is actually easy, and stupidly so.

In this week’s podcast, I challenge the claim that marriage is hard. That’s not to say marriage won’t face very real challenges, and even end in complete disaster. Marriages can definitely go sour and do so every day.

But I don’t believe the problems that marriages face have anything to do with marriage itself. For God is the author of marriage, and He created it from the beginning of this world to be good, and it is something He blessed. God setup marriage to be amazing and as easy as breathing.

Marriage only gets hard because we come to it with our cultural baggage. Because we come to marriage believing it is hard, we create a self-fulfilling prophecy and make marriage the very thing we believe it to be.

Marriage only gets hard because we come to marriage as the sons and daughters of Adam, and instead of embracing the good thing God made it to be, in a selfless union in which we give all of ourselves to another as a gift, we look out for ourselves and our needs, and behave selfishly.

So, the failures of marriage have nothing to do with the nature of marriage and the good thing God made it to be. Marriage gets hard because we bring perspectives and attitudes and behaviors to marriage that threatens the good thing that God gave all of mankind.

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