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Our Story: God Blessed The Broken Road – Episode #20

Jimmy and Meagan Humphrey

My wife and I were previously engaged to other people before we met. Meagan had been previously engaged twice. I had been engaged once. Needless to say, as folks who have had multiple engagements, I believe our love story is unique, and ultimately shows that we all have a special love story that isn’t always a paint by numbers, “I Kissed Dating Goodbye,” Josh Harris type of story.

In today’s podcast, which is the first interview I’ve conducted for this podcast, my wife and I talk about the very broken road we both traveled before finding one another. We talk about how we met through E-Harmony, and our first date (where I didn’t exactly sweep her off her feet).

We also talk about the red flags that appeared in our prior relationships, red flags that we ultimately ignored, and caused us a lot of pain. And we talk about how these red flags, and the voice of our family and other close loved ones, can be a means by which God speaks to us in directing us to the person He would ultimately have us to marry.

Yet in spite of our mistakes and many missteps, God did something redemptive with our past, and brought us together.

We also talk a bit about how marriage should be “stupidly easy.” (Please be sure to check out the prior podcast I did on this issue. ) If you are in a relationship where you are truly compatible with one another, and have similar values and beliefs, your relationship shouldn’t be one marked by red flag after red flag, battle after battle, and family that opposes you being together.

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