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Beth Moore

I Am Not A Denomination – Episode #101

Beth Moore recently announced her departure from the Southern Baptist Convention. There has been no shortage of controversy around this, and many warring factions in and outside the denomination have exchanged blows. This controversy has me thinking...


Living An “Uncaged” Life ~ Episode #68

We love living life inside the box. It brings us comfort. And according to musician John Howey, this comfort becomes a cage that oppresses us. It's a life we need to be freed from. We need to become "uncaged." In today's podcast, I talk to John...

American Flag In Church

In America (But Not Of America) ~ Episode #66

There are a number of spiritual dangers that we face as Christians in America. A "worldliness" has crept into us. And by that, I don't mean what movies we watch or what clothes we wear. Rather, it is our identity as Americans. As Christians baptized...

Joel Osteen and Kanye West

Christian Celebrity Culture – Episode #31

As Christians, we love anytime Christians become celebrities or celebrities become Christians. Kayne West's recent conversion is a lesson in this. Today's podcast explores the dangers associated with our Christian celebrity culture, and the...

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