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Living An “Uncaged” Life ~ Episode #68


We love living life inside the box. It brings us comfort. And according to musician John Howey, this comfort isn’t really comfort, rather it’s a cage that oppresses us. It’s a life we need to be freed from. We need to become “uncaged.”

In today’s podcast, I sit down to talk to John Howey (aka Bridge LivWat) about what it means to live an “uncaged” life, and this philosophy that he applies to all aspects of his life, which also inspired his upcoming album “Uncaged”. Be sure to listen to this podcast, and subscribe to his Spotify channel or Apple Music channel so that you can listen to his album when it goes live! Also be sure to listen to today’s show where I sample this upcoming album.

Talking Points From Today’s Podcast On The “Uncaged” Life

  • John, tell us more about the uncaged life. What’s that mean, and practically, what can we do in our lives to live the uncaged life? And why should we want to be uncaged?
  • Uncaged means being constantly willing to challenge your preconceptions… living with genuine curiosity and not worrying about having all of the answers. I like to ask dangerous questions and see where it takes me.
  • John’s upcoming album is definitely uncaged. It’s got a spiritual message to it. But it’s not exactly your typical radio friendly Lauren Daigle type album, and probably not something your local soccer mom is gonna be jamming to as she drives down the road in her minivan contemplating leaving her husband.
  • A conversation about John’s favorite song on his upcoming album for “Uncaged” is track #7, “Become.” John talks about how if you experience a “deconstruction” of your faith, it’s also important that you “construct” something in whatever you deconstructed. We must rebuild.
  • “It seems  safer human nature to stay inside the cage its nature that’s not safer leaves us open to the rage but explore ignore the boundaries that were meant to keep the hate and ignore explore the sound we see as so insane.”
  • John’s music talks a bit about the way social media is impacting the way we communicate with one another. We feel the need to constantly engage in making outlandish opinions that drive up our stats, and as a result, changing the way we say things to each other. We talk in a way that feeds into our echo chamber, and dehumanizes other people, all so we can get applause from our peers.
  • Reflecting on the teachings of Jesus, John sees the challenge to “love our enemies” as a command to transform us, and to help us evolve as people, to “become” what God would have us ultimately become, and to live the life He’d have us to live. A life free from the cage.
  • We talk about our obsession with formulas. Ever since the Enlightenment, we’ve been trying to objectify the universe and explain it as one giant formula that can be figured out. We approach our personal relationships that way. We approach our relationship to God that way. Especially in Evangelicalism, we are always looking for the “magical words” that will stand in place of an authentic relationship with God and others.

Special Guest: John Howey (aka Bridge Livwat)

John Howey - The Wax Museum & ADD Masterminds - BridgeLivwat
John Howey

John Howey is a Christian living in Calgary, Alberta Canada.

He is a podcaster, social media influencer, thinker, musician and songwriter who strives to build bridges between the sacred and the secular, the left and the right, and the practical and the abstract. He’s also my brother from another mother and podcasting pen pal. Apart from Kevin O’Leary from Shark Tank, he’s my favorite Canadian. John Howey is the chancellor of my heart, the czar of my mind, and something of a cult leader… well… maybe not…maybe… I think

I believe John brings an amazing perspective to the world. He’s always looking to engage in conversations that need to be had.

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