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A Canadian Christian Helps American Remove Speck From His Eye – Episode #24

Jesus taught us that we all have our own spiritual blind spots that makes us unaware of our own self righteous attitudes. Yet in spite of such, we have become experts at picking out the problems that others have. Jesus in Matthew 7:3-5 compared this to a man trying to remove the speck from his brother’s eye, while being unaware of the log in his own.

In today’s podcast, Jimmy Humphrey sits down with John Howey to discuss our blind spots, “the culture wars” in America and Canada, and how we as Christians can better engage the world we live in on such hot button topics as abortion, homosexuality/gay marriage, immigration, the second amendment, nationalism, social justice, and our overall involvement in politics as the Church.

You know, none of the controversial topics…

Our conversation on all these topics is enough to probably unsettle individuals who identify themsleves with both the politically and spiritually left and right.

John narrows in his conversation about how our means of dealing with these cultural issues has been “the way of the sword” instead of “the way of the cross.”

Jimmy stresses the need for meeting people where they are at, dealing with people in a tender way, the need for process, and “incarnational living.”

I hope you enjoy today’s episode. It’s a bit on the long side (91 minutes), but I believe you will find it not only humerous, but insightful, and well worth the listen.

Special Guest: John Howey

John Howey - The Wax Museum & ADD Masterminds
John Howey – The Wax Museum & ADD Masterminds

John Howey is a Christian living in Calgary, Alberta Canda.

He is a Canadian podcaster, social media philosopher/comedian, and songwriter  who strives to build bridges between the sacred and the secular, the left and the right, and the practical and the abstract.

I belive John offers something of a prophetic witness in his musings, and always enjoy seeing what he’s talking about. As an outsider and our neighbor to the north, John is able to offer penetrating cultural and spiritual insights into our life as American Christians.

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