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Greetings all,

For those of you who regularly follow the happenings of JimmysTable.com, I just wanted to make you aware that in addition to the food channel that my wife and I recently launched (Jimmy & Meagan’s Kitchen), that I have also launched a new YouTube channel in which I offer video messages to supplement what is happening on my blog and podcast. My goal is for the channel to consist mostly of condensed 5-10 minute versions of my podcast, blog posts, and some random devotionals.

Be sure to check out my new YouTube channel, where I’m still having conversations about faith, life, culture, and sometimes food. I have embedded the first video below, where I talk about the 4 different ways we can hear God’s voice today.

Please subscribe to the channel and like/comment on YouTube. Thanks!

God bless,

Jimmy Humphrey

Leader of occasional thoughts in your head. Dreamer of small things. I like taking pictures of my food. Opinions are my own.

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