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Art Frees People From Their Cages (BEING An Artist) – Episode #47

Art Frees Us From Cages

In today’s podcast, I sit down and talk to a special guest, John Howey. In the podcast we have a conversation about the nature of art, and what it means to be an artist. And specifically, we talk about how art should be more than neurotic self-expression. Rather, art should be the “unique flavor” we bring to this world, that helps liberate people from the cages they live in. I would encourage you to listen to the show where we discuss the nature of art, its place in our culture, and in the church.

Talking Points

  • God created the world, and as individuals created in the image of God, we are all creators with an artistic bent.
  • Art isn’t just a left-brain vs right-brain thing.
  • Regardless of our medium or profession, we bring art to all that we do.
  • Art involves self-expression, but it’s more than just self-expression. Art is the “unique flavor” we bring to the world.
  • Not everyone is going to get your art, and that’s okay. Rock the unique flavor that God put inside of you. We need to create what needs to be created.
  • We find our “inner artist” by channeling the things we are passionate about.
  • You are God’s masterpiece, so do that some justice.
  • In his art, John says he attempts to build bridges, and shift people’s thinking in some way.
  • The world is extremely complex. We often try to break the world down into propositional truths and scientific formulas. We build cages and then attempt to put everything and everyone into that cage. Art liberates people from their cages.
  • “Art is the means by which we understand reality.” ~ Jordan Peterson
  • We live in Plato’s cave. Art helps us escape the cave.
  • Jesus was an artist who used stories to awaken people.
  • Real art should take us to hell and back.
  • Instead of the self-absorbed and tortured artist, we need to create art from a healthy place.
  • Twenty One Pilots musician says we need to glorify artists who live to an old age, not the one’s who kill themselves.
  • Like Norman Rockwell used to do in his paintings, we need to help people “find the light” in what we create.
  • Why do highly artistic people seem to fall into certain stereotypical categories? “The Creatives.” Hippies? Druggies? Homosexuals? Eccentrics?
  • “Neurodivergent people,” and their ability to see beauty.
  • What places does art have in the church? In centuries past, why were all the great artists Christian? Why has this changed, and why do we now have a lot of hacks and wannabes?
  • “Why should the devil have all the good music?” ~ Larry Norman
  • Secular art vs. Christian art. Artists that play both sides of sacred and secular divide, like Lacrae, or Lauren Daigle. And why do some Christian artists go “mainstream?”
  • Why does the church now have Kirk Cameron and Kanye West?
  • “I was told to write songs for Christian radio, for soccer moms, driving a mini-van, going through a divorce” ~ Aaron Gillspie.
  • We are in the midst of a worship music revolution.
  • Amy Grant, Michael W. Smith, Carmen, Jesus Culture, Elevation Worship, Bethel Church, Hillsong.
  • Art shouldn’t always be safe, friendly, and designed for the entire family. That includes our worship music and what we sing in church.
  • We should sing about some dangerous things.
  • Our Christian art is corrupted because it panders to our cages, and builds off unchallenged presumptions instead of challenging them.
  • The weakness of Christian cinema. Hacksaw Ridge vs. God’s Not Dead/Fireproof/Left Behind.
  • The Chicago Museum of Art is where art goes to die. They hang art in a very scientific categorized way, and divorces art from a context in which it can speak to people.

Special Guest: John Howey

John Howey - Artist / Musician / Podcaster
John Howey – Artist / Musician / Podcaster

John Howey is a Christian living in Calgary, Alberta Canada.

He is a podcaster, social media influencer, thinker, musician and songwriter who strives to build bridges between the sacred and the secular, the left and the right, and the practical and the abstract.

I believe John brings an amazing perspective to the world. He’s always looking to engage in conversations that need to be had.

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