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NAACP George Floyd Protest in Charlotte: White Evangelical Teen Shares His Perspective – Episode #63

George Floyd Protest in Charlotte - NAACP

Recently the NAACP held a protest in honor of George Floyd here in Charlotte, NC. Thousands showed up to protest police brutality and systemic racism in light of the death of George Floyd. White evangelical teenagers are not usually among the faces you usually see at such protests. In today’s podcast, I talk to one who decided to join the recent NAACP protest here in Charlotte.

Today’s conversation is with Max Sayles, a local Charlotte area teen that lives in the Ballantyne area. I believe Max has an amazing perspective to share, as he expresses his concern about police brutality and systemic racism. We both live in that sliver of southeast Charlotte that tends to be white, conservative, affluent, and Christian. Max and I go to church together, where I have served as a leader in our church’s youth ministry.

Please be sure to listen so that you can hear more fully what Max had to say about his expectations and experience in his first protest, and his insights into police brutality and racism.

Interview Talking Points

  • The NAACP George Floyd protest in Charlotte was Max’s first protest, and he talks about his experience at the protest.
  • What influences in his life that encouraged him to be a “white face” standing in solidarity with his black brothers and sisters.
  • Max talks about the visual aspect of seeing George Floyd being killed on video.
  • How the protestors were encouraged to be peaceful, and to police themselves to prevent riots and violence.
  • What the role of Max’s faith was in his decision to protest.
  • Max’s personal involvement with the police in the past, and some training he received on the use of force from police in a special education program.
  • What the role of the church should be in protesting, and issues related to the separation of church and state.
  • The practical things that Max would like to see happen in our government as a result of these protests.

Special Guest: Max Sayles

Max Sayles
Max Sayles

Max Sayles, is a young Italian man who was born and raised here in Charlotte, North Carolina by two New Yorkers.

He believes that life is what you make of it, and that a large part of life is surrounding yourself by those you can trust and call family. Max has a love for histor,y and watching horror movies in his spare time. Max is a recent high school graduate who has been a part of the youth ministry at our church, New City Church.

He and I share a love for Jesus, tacky Christmas sport jackets, and have an everlasting bond because of cannoli’s.

Max Sayles Contact Info

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