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The Obvious Choice

Treasure chest

I dated a large variety of women in my mid to late 20’s. I kissed Josh Harris and his “dating” philosophy largely goodbye. And thanks to the advances of technology, the internet made it possible to find a lot of dates in a short amount of time.

Once, within a 24 hour period, I went on 3 different dates with 3 different women. And those dates were mostly pleasant. Of those 3 women, I would eventually have a couple more dates with 2 of them. In the end, none of the ladies were Mrs. Right.

But eventually that all changed. One day I met the woman I would eventually marry. As Meagan and I talked about in a podcast we did together, within 4 months of our first date we were engaged, and in less than 1 year, we were married. Things happened quickly in our relationship.

But to us, the decision to get married was simply the obvious choice. At 31 years old, after having had our share of dates and relationships, we knew what we wanted in life, and shortly after we met, it didn’t take long to figure out we wanted each other. As a result, we rearranged our lives, got married, and nothing has been the same since.

Finding Hidden Treasure

In Matthew 13:44, Jesus tells the story about a man who finds some treasure buried in a field. The man seeing the exceedingly amazing value of the treasure then turns around, sells everything he has, and uses the proceeds of such to buy the field so he can ultimately obtain that hidden valuable treasure.

The choice the man made was the obvious choice.

Jesus says the kingdom of God is like that. What the kingdom of God can offer us is of far greater value than anything else we have in this world. Therefore, the only logical thing to do is for us to drop everything in our lives to pursue that kingdom.

Being All In

But for many of us, we aren’t willing to do that quite yet.

We aren’t entirely sold on the fact that this kingdom of God thing is the greatest treasure we could possibly find. We still want to date around a little bit, and keep our options open.

Such is ultimately a matter of the heart, and our ability to perceive value.

If we truly believed the kingdom of God was the most valuable thing in the world, we would sell everything we have if necessary to obtain it. The choice isn’t the obvious choice to us yet, and I think that’s because something in us is simply a bit off.

I believe this is ultimately what keeps us from being “all in” on following Jesus. We are still attracted to the luster of other things, the things of this world that just seem to have a little more razzle dazzle than Christ.

Had such been the attitude I had when I dated my wife, I might not be married today. And truth be told, it nearly was. I went on a date or two with one other woman after I initially met my wife. But the right woman for me became quickly apparent.

May it be that way with Jesus and the kingdom of God.

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