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A Pastor Talks Candidly About COVID-19 And The Church – Episode #53

Daniel Rushing - Jimmy Humphrey - COVID-19

COVID-19 is having a major impact on our world. The church has not been immune from the impact of the coronavirus, and is challenging the way we currently “do church.” In today’s podcast, I sit down and have a candid conversation about the impact of the coronavirus on the life of the church with Daniel Rushing. Daniel is the pastor of church in Charlotte named Renovatus Church.

Pastor Daniel Rushing - Renovatus Church
Pastor Daniel Rushing – Renovatus Church

In today’s show, Daniel shares the challenges in pastoring a church during this pandemic. He also talks about how he thinks the church is going to have to rethink its relationship with money, buildings, and the way we do ministry. And while this will be a painful thing for the church, Daniel believes this will open up the opportunity for the Holy Spirit to breathe new life into our churches. But, that will only happen if we find ourselves willing to follow the leading of the Spirit, lest we find ourselves trying to hold onto the old way we have always done things.

In our conversation, we also talk about the role of the government and the church in response to COVID-19, especially from a “social justice” perspective. We talk about the good things that could come out of this as the government and church step up to respond. But we also talk about the serious concerns Daniel and I have about the government taking too much power in the name of an “emergency.”

At one point in our conversation I ask Daniel to put his Hal Lindsey and Jack Van Impe hat on, as we attempt to look at COVID-19 from the theological framework of the “apocalypse.” Especially as it relates to Revelation 18 and our fallen earthly systems. We also talk about whether or not we can look at the coronavirus as a “judgment from God.” From this context Daniel offers a powerful challenge to the way we look at God’s blessing on our lives, our relationship to wealth, and how we process unthinkable suffering when it enters our lives.

This conversation with Daniel Rushing was originally recorded on March 21, 2020.

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