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My “Super Tuesday” Democratic Primary Hot Takes

Joe Biden

Last night was a very interesting night in the world of politics. Joe Biden’s surge was pretty unexpected a week ago. A better than expected outcome in South Carolina’s primaries led to a shakeup of the Democrat party. The end result will ultimately cause Joe Biden to probably win the nomination of his party, although, it may ultimately still require a contested convention to do so. Biden won a lot more states and picked up a lot more delegates than just about anyone expected.

With all that said, I thought I’d offer my own brief analysis of each candidates performance last night. The following is is my “hot take” on each of the candidates from the Super Tuesday Democratic primaries.

Tulsi Gabbard

Who? You’re still on the ballot? Why? You live in Hawaii. Keep enjoying paradise. Stay away from the White House. You deserve better.

Elizabeth Warren

America doesn’t want someone playing a nagging self-righteous mother type, that doesn’t believe her own poop stinks, becoming their commander-in-chief. Her schtick makes for good TV when she grills evil bank CEO’s in congressional hearings, but it’s not something people want to hear on a daily basis coming from the White House. Elizabeth Warren may be as sharp as a tack, but she feels like you sat on one too. And try as she might to convince people otherwise, nobody wants to drink a beer with Lizzie. She’s about as personable as Hillary Clinton.

Michael Bloomberg

He’s a billionaire surrounded by “yes men” that apparently is used to throwing his money around to get what he wants. His running for President was a terrible idea that nobody around him was willing to stop. He reminds me of one of those really bad American Idol singers that show up to audition, but nobody loved them enough to say they shouldn’t go on TV and sing. Ain’t nobody got time for that when running for president (well, okay, maybe the Republicans do). Bloomberg got in the race too late, had a terrible strategy, and will be forced to leave earlier than expected.

Bernie Sanders

He did worse than I thought he would Tuesday night. The DNC won’t let him win the nomination. He has to know this from the last time he lost to Clinton. Democratic socialism might be hip with with certain white liberals on social media and in certain coastal states, but contrary to what Bernie thinks, most of America is relatively happy with where our country is, and doesn’t want a political revolution. They just want Trump gone. It also became clear this past week that black voters in the Democratic Party don’t really like Bernie Sanders. Without their support, Bernie has no real shot at beating president Trump. He should just drop out now, as Democrats have no chance at winning without them.

Joe Biden

The Democrats are so desperate to get rid of Trump that they voted for Biden, even though Biden lacks a clear vision for the future, doesn’t seem to believe in anything, and appears to be a gaffe machine capable of confusing his sister for his wife. Democrats were so spooked that a crazy Castro loving socialist might takeover their beloved party that they voted for Joe Biden because he appears safe, familiar, and grandfatherly. His warm but goofy demeanor is much more comforting than an angry socialist that wants to burn everything to the ground. At the end of the day, political parties are about who can wield the most power, and that’s why the “establishment wing” of the Democrat Party won Tuesday night.

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